Thursday, July 10, 2008

Play Date

Yesterday Katie and Heather came over to play. We took all the kids to school with us (MISTAKE!) so we could see how our room is looking and make a list of things we need to get started soon for the beginning of school. Well, our room has not been touched yet. Which means, we can't get in there and start working until it is clean and ready. We left there and went to the mall to eat lunch and play. Good times.

We loaded everyone in the car and immediately turned on Dora. Not something I usually do. But.........ahhh......Heather and I could actually chat because they were so into it.
Will, Jack, and Katie took it upon themselves to get a jumpstart on cleaning our room!
They loved these blocks!.......especially Caroline.
Will caught a glimpse of the stage at school. He was OBSESSED. He immediately started hollering, We got to have a talent show! So this is a picture of him singing and dancing in his own little talent show!

King of the stump!
Taking a boat ride
Climbing trees