Saturday, July 12, 2008

Strep Throat......Round 2

Caroline had strep throat about a week ago. She started an antibiotic and felt better right away. All that to say........

For the past 2 days Jack has run a low grade fever and has not felt well. The last couple of days he kept saying that his tongue hurt. I looked in his throat but it didn't look red or blistery. Well, today he woke up from his nap with 103.1 degree temp. I looked in his was red and swollen, but did not have the blisters like Caroline did. Thank goodness deMiranda was on call. He said that it was probably strep (even without the blisters), and called him in an antibiotic. We didn't even have to wait two hours in a waiting room to be seen. YIPPEE!!!!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that their is no "strep throat......round 3"