Friday, July 11, 2008

30 lb. Growth.......

It's official. I have a 30 lb. growth attached to my leg that needs to be surgically removed......his name is Jack! He has grown SOOOO attached to me this summer that it's not even funny. I feel like it should drive me more nuts than it does, though. After all, I always dreamed of a mama's boy--well, I got one!

Caroline is getting immunizations today (owie!) so the boys went to school. Will bebopped into the classroom. Jack got about ten feet away and started backtracking. He wasn't going in, no way, no how! To make a long story short, I left him in the teacher's arms kicking and screaming for me. It broke my heart...I know he was probably fine within 5 mins., but it still hurt. He just loves me too much!!