Sunday, July 27, 2008

E.R. visit at the Lake....

No lake trip would be complete without a visit to the emergency room. Caroline busted her head open and had to get staples. I wish we had a great story, like she fell off the jet ski, or out of the kayak, or something like that.......but.........we don't. She fell backwards out of the kitchen chair, and hit the back of her head on the foot hold of the bar. She was a trooper and was very brave! Believe it or not, I was very calm and brave as well. Go me! Anyway, here are some pics. of the exciting event.

This is the van ride to the hospital. The poor kid was shaking like a leaf, but was not as hysterical as I would have expected.
Daddy carrying her into the hospital.
They put medicine on the wound and then wrapped her head to keep the numbing medicine in place.
Hanging out and coloring waiting to be numb before the staples.
4 staples in the noggin!
Of course when we left we had to go straight to Walmart (bloody shirt and all!) to buy a toy because she sat so still during the procedure. Yes, it was a bribe--and it worked! She will get the staples out a week from Monday. Hopefully nurse Heather will take them out for us and save us a trip to the doctor! Brad says he will take them out.....we'll see if she will go for that!