Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Well, we enjoyed another great 4th of July this year. The kids all had a great time at our picnic at Kakie's. Caroline was like a fish this year. She did a lot of swimming. Jack had no part of the water, but did "mow the grass" with a toy lawnmower for hours! Will did a little swimming and a little playing. He loves the water. He screams at me, "Let go of me!" He doesn't get it about the whole drowning thing. He loves to go under the water and wants to do it again and again.
After Kakie's house we headed downtown for the fireworks display. We sat beside Heather Pettigrew and her family. She snapped a few pictures for me. I am a terrible blogger.......I forgot my camera at both outings!

This is Caroline running around and playing before the firework show started.

Everyone say cheese!

This is how Jack watched the fireworks. It was precious. He just lied their and hung out with his thumb in his mouth, enjoying the show.

We had just as much fun watching the kids as we did watching the show. They were mesmerized, and it was priceless!