Friday, July 11, 2008

5 Shots!!!!!!

Caroline got immunizations today. I kinda figured it would be traumatic so we went and had some fun first. She has been wanting this "fur real" puppy from toys r us......We told her she had to earn money to buy it. She has been working really hard for the last two weeks to earn some cash to buy it. She did chores and earned 13 dollars. I told her I would pay for the rest as a treat for getting shots. So we went and got the puppy and had lunch out together. It was a great time, just the two of us. Then.......we headed to the health dept. for shots.

Our appt. was at 12:15. After waiting for two and a half long, miserable hours it was finally our turn. She got 5 shots, and did not like it one bit! She got hysterical before the first poke. I had to hold her down. It was terrible. After the three shots in the first arm, I was in tears too! Then I had to hold her down for the shots in the other arm. She screeched and screamed and cried....and I don't blame her one bit! Thank God it's over.

This is Binzie........and is already loved very much!
McDonalds.......her choice, of course!
Yummy yummy!!!!!
It hurt soooooo bad.
I am anticipating hot, sore arms for a few days.
Thank goodness for motrin!


Rhonda said...

I have loved seeing Caroline's adorable clothes at her recent medical visits? Precious!