Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Conversation

Today I picked the boys up from school and Willie and I had quite the conversation. Remember...he's 2 years old! It went something like this:

Will: Where sissy, mommy?
Me: She went to the lake today with Tami and Mary.
Will: She at the lake?
Me: Yes Will, she went to the lake.
Will: I go to the lake too?
Me: Yes....Me and you and Jacker and daddy are going to the lake on Friday.
Will: On Friday? I wanna go now.
Me: We will go to the lake in two days.
Will: Sissy at the lake?
Me: Yes Will, we'll see her in two days.
Silence......for about a minute.
Will: MOMMY!
Me: WHAT???
Will: I FWEAKING out sissy at the lake--it far far away!