Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caroline's Road Trip...

Caroline went on her first road trip without mommy and daddy today! She headed to Lake Texoma with Tami and Mary. They are going to do some shopping, sight seeing, and go to a little league ballgame. She should have a great time! She sure was geared up and ready to go.....well, lets just say she was wild! I'm not sure Tami and Mary know what they have gotten in to! Tim and I will be going up on Friday with the boys to the lake. Both of Tim's sisters (and one brother in law) and parents will be there. We're looking forward to a good time.

She was so excited, she decided to wait outside with her bags for her ride!
Loading up, getting ready to go.
Bye mom.....I was expecting some heartfelt goodbye......nope! She could have cared less. She was just excited to go with Tami and Mary. She was probably glad to get away from the madness of her life for a few days!