Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun at the Lake

We went to the lake this weekend and had a great time--except for the E.R. visit (see previous post). All of Tim's family went--EXCEPT for Greg. Greg, you missed out. The kids had a great time just hanging out and playing outside. It was also a great opportunity for all of the family to get together and just hang out as well. The view from the house is gorgeous. Their backyard is literally the lake.

Mike and Amber, thank you for sharing your home and your toys with us. We really appreciate it. Tami and Mary, thank you for spoiling Caroline. She is still talking about you guys. Grammie and Pa, thank you for helping out with the kids. It sure did take a load off of us!

We had a blast on the jet ski. Caroline loved it. Jack liked it for a while, and Will did not like it at all. The minute he got on it he said, "I done". Thank goodness Grammie watched whoever was not on the ski. Tim and I had the most fun by ourselves on it. He loved to go fast and scare me to death! Of course, I'm really sore today.

Uncle Mike gave free rides in the kayak around the yard.
We found this sideways tree and the kids loved to climb it. I saw it as a photo op, of course!
Just swinging, taking a break from playing.
This is Mike and Amber's sailboat. They took it out while we took the ski out. My tendency to get sea sick led me to pass on the ride.
This is Tim and Jack in the kayak. Caroline held on to the handle on the back and she went along for the ride around the lake. Will wanted no part of it.
This is the boys with their "giant crayons". Tami brought these and they are like squirt guns. They loved them! Will loved it so much, he became attached and slept with it. Go figure.
Swimming around in the lake.
The kids did a lot of playing outside. Although it was very hot, it wasn't so bad being right by the water.