Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dr. Appt. in Tulsa

I went to the doctor today in Tulsa talk about Will's testing results. He tested average or above average in all areas--except motor function. She said that most of his behavioral and social "quirks" are all related to the cerebral palsy.

As she explained it, basically the lack of motor skills (gross and fine) have begun to affect him emotionally, socially, and behaviorally. She said it was hard to grasp because he looks just as normal as any other kid. But.......because things are harder for him physically, he resists initiating social behavior with peers because he has a hard time keeping up in the "play arena". He gets easily frustrated playing with things that most kids his age really enjoy (legos, blocks, ball, coloring, etc.) because he has such poor strength and coordination. He tested on the level of a 15 month old for gross motor skills (over a year behind), and a 20 month old on fine motor skills (about a year behind). Therefore, he thrives on conversational activities, and engages in repetitive phrasing to keep one's attention.

Anyway, I am very thankful that this is what we are dealing with rather than an autism spectrum disorder. I just feel dumbfounded.......It never occurred to me that his physical issues could spill into every other aspect of his little life. I just thought, oh he's clumsy......get him some therapy and we'll be fine. I think that will be the case in time, but for now the doctor gave us many recommendations for us to help Will deal with his frustrations.