Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Day at the Dentist

The kids had a dentist appt. today. It kinda felt like we were at the circus rather than the dentist. Actually, I think the kids were the circus. The were a little rowdy, and it was a little chaotic.....thank goodness Paula and all her sweet friends helped out. We ended up taking home LOTS of toys, trinkets, and toothbrushes!
It was Caroline's first visit. She did great. She hopped up in the chair like a big girl and had her teeth cleaned.
Paula says her teeth look fabulous!
A good report from Dr. Tim. He was so great. He just hopped down on the floor with them and played with them and checked their teeth.
Willie was ready and willing to show off his pearly whites. Good report for him as well.
Jack wasn't so fond of the idea of a stranger being in his mouth. He got over it quickly though. Good report for him too. Although.....the doctor did tell us to start saving our money for major orthodontic work for Jack. Yikes! I guess he takes after his mama!