Saturday, October 4, 2008

Will's a Big Boy Now!!!-- UPDATED

It's official. Will is a big boy. We went today to buy big boy underwear. At first he wanted no part in underwear.......until we got to the store. Then he liked the idea when he got to pick his own out! We'll see how it goes. Hopefully he's as ready as I think he is.

Jack, on the other hand, was doing so great potty training--and now has just lost interest. He is doing great at school and staying dry, but at home not even candy motivates him. Lazy little boy! I'm hoping when he see's Will in underwear, that will motivate him. We'll see!

Picking out his first pair of new undies! I know, I'm a freak for carrying my camera around and taking pictures of my kids in the middle of stores. What can I say??
**UPDATE** We had our first day and night wearing our new underwear. He is hysterical. He did not want to wear pants or pajama bottoms to bed, because he couldn't see his new undies. The first ones he picked to wear were red with a dinosaur on the behind. He ran around chanting, "I have a red bottom," which was precious. Jack, on the other hand, has enjoyed wearing the undies on his head like a hat. I'll try to get a pic. of that and post it soon.


karaheim said...

Hi Jenna! What a beautiful family you have! I can't believe the boys are so big. Hope all is well with you and I'm looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog! Have a great week!
Kara (Nicodemus) Heim