Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Touch a Truck"

This weekend at Chic-fil-A there was an exhibit called 'touch a truck'. In their parking lot there was any kind o truck you can think of. Dump trucks, fire trucks, buses, 18 wheelers, hum v's, etc. The kids were able to go on each truck and sit, honk the horns, and see what it was all about. It was kinda crowded and crazy, but lots of fun!

Mom came too and brought Evan and Ella. Then we went to eat at pizza parlor. Good times.

Jack loved this big military truck! Will--not so much.
Hanging out in the back of the bus, waiting for the rain to stop.

Can you tell the bus was their favorite??!! I think it was the "least threatening".

I think this picture is too cute!! Mom, I'm envisioning this as a potential screen saver for your computer at work! Don't you just love how I get in your business?
We took up the whole place. Lunch was pretty calm and everyone was well behaved........except Jacker. He was a little on the wild side!