Sunday, October 19, 2008


Has anyone ever had a toddler on steroids? Jack is on his 2nd round of steroids in about a month. He is absolutely wild, and eating me out of house and home. We started the meds on Wednesday, for respiratory issues. It has worked wonders, but at the same time replaced my sweet mama's boy with a raging toddler who is climbing the walls..........literally.

Here he's climbing on top of the play kitchen. He has gotten multiple spankings for this. When he did it today, I grabbed the camera and told him that I was taking a picture to show his daddy that he is in trouble. He thought it was quite funny.

Here, he's trying to climb up the door jam. He has been trying this all weekend. He desperately wants to make it to the top. Yesterday he obsessively tried to climb a tree outside. I'm telling you, he is in HIGH gear all the time. A complete wild banshee..........who, in turn, makes the other two wild! I'll be glad when this round of medicine is over!!!