Sunday, October 19, 2008

We love Karsen!

My mom had baby Karsen on Saturday, and they came over for a visit. My kids were so excited to see him, and waller all over him. Jack is obsessed with him, and often tried to pick him up by himself, Yikes!! We had to keep a close eye on little Jacker! They had so much fun with him, but were a little competitive for Pootie's attention. Here are some precious pictures from the afternoon.

The one with him munching on the table absolutely cracks me up!
Sitting up like a big boy eating his lunch.
Yes, my kids are on top of the table....Well behaved, huh? I think it was an attempt to get Pootie's attention. ***PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE BLUE PACIFIER IN THE FOREGROUND.......YOU'LL SEE WHY LATER!

Such a little mommy and helper.

Heather, I promise we cleaned and sanitized the paci after they all tried it out. Jack stole it first and checked it out, then they all took a turn. Too funny!!!