Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Kids Have Graduated!

Last week the kids all had a graduation ceremony at school for the end of the year. The boys had a luncheon, where we viewed pictures throughout the year on the big screen. It was amazing to see how they looked like such babies last August! Then they had a diploma ceremony. Each parent had to stand in line with their child to recieve their diploma. Tim wasn't able to go, so it was just me (And April, who was trying her hardest to snap a few pictures). When it was our turn, the teacher called out thier names.....and Jack crawled up my leg (I guess he was nervous), and Will screamed No, no, no. I accepted thier diplomas for them as the crowd chuckled and the teacher commented in the microphone about how I had my hands full. It did not turn out exactly as I had envisioned! The story of our lives!

Caroline's graduation was a singing program and diploma ceremony. It was soooooo cute! They didn't just sing songs........they screamed the songs. I think Caroline was shocked by all of the screaming. She sang quietly and just stared at all of her friends like they were crazy. She also had a one line speaking part and did great! I was so proud.


Heather said...

Love the picture with your title!!!
And your pictures are not big...h.