Tuesday, June 3, 2008

.......And Then There Was Willie.

Ya know, I can never articulate to other people how Will is quite different from the norm, with all of his quirky little behaviors. I took this picture as I was headed to bed the other night. I peeked in to check on them, and this is what I saw. I just laughed and shook my head. That's my boy! Believe it or not, he was dead asleep, and also woke up the next morning with this getup on. This picture speaks volumes. This is the essence of Willie. Just different.

We go Thursday to the Tulsa Developmental Center to speak with a Neuropsychologist. She will discuss our behavioral and developmental concerns about Will and decide what kinds of diagnostic testing will occour. I am very anxious to see if his cognitive and behavioral "quirks" are due to the Cerebral Palsy, or something in addition to it. Don't worry, I'll keep everyone posted.
By the way, he is not wearing sunglasses, they are superhero glasses!.......and you cannot convince him otherwise.