Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is Vacation Really the Right Word???

Well, we are home from our "vacation" all in one piece. Tim and I decided early on that we should call our trip an excursion rather than a vacation. We had a fabulous time.....but it was a lot of work!!
The ride there was not as bad as I had anticipated. We left at midnight and the kids slept all night. When we pulled up to our condo, Caroline said look mom, there is snow on the ground. It was precious. Caroline and Jack were immediately in awe, and Will was terrified and would have nothing to do with this vacation. He slowly warmed up.
The ride home, however, was not so great. We figured (Tim did the math) that Will said my name probably 750 times on the way home. He also said "I gotta get outta here" about as many times. He is exhausting in a confined space.......he never closes his mouth (although in some weird way I find it very endearing). Other than the chattiness, he really did better than I anticipated. Caroline and Jack were angels! The DVD player worked miracles. Even with Jack having an outbreak of hives on the way home, he was just happy to be along for the ride.
We had a great time, and made lots of memories!
Caroline did a lot of running and squealing along the shoreline. That was as much of the ocean water as she could handle! Lets just say, she will not become a beach bum anytime soon.

Will, tuckered out after a long day on the beach!

Caroline LOVED digging and building in the sand! This is how she spent most of her time. She didn't much care for the ocean water though. If it would get in her eyes or mouth she would freak out! She did a lot of sitting and playing in the sand while we swam with the boys. She did love the pool though, go figure!

Does he look like an Old Navy Swimsuit model, or what? Jack just hung out the whole trip and went with the flow........thank God! He loved the sand, He loved the water, He loved it all. The night before we left he broke out in a bad case of hives......we're not sure what from. He still has them! The poor little guy had to ride in a carseat for 14 hours with welts all over him. He was a good sport about it though. He was definitely feeling the effects of the benadryl, and slept a lot.

Willie finally played in the sand! He cried for the first two days for about the first hour we came to the beach. He hated the sand! He freaked out and cried a lot at first. Being the persistent parents that we are, we didn't let him give up.......and he ended up loving it. He did love from the getgo swimming in the ocean. He would scream at Tim to let him go. So he would just float around in the swim ring and get thrown around by the waves. He loved it!

Caroline and I took a walk down the beach and we found this huge sand fort. Someone had abandoned it, so of course we played in it. She slid down the sides of it for a good while. It was great fun!

They loved building sand castles. Tim had to lend a helping hand to actually make them look like sand castles. As you can probably see in these pictures, Will got a little obsessed with his swim ring and refused to take it off.......Whatever floats your boat, kid!

Ahhhh........some relaxing T.V. time after a hot sunny day of playing!

Sissie was obsessed with looking for shells. She found several......although they were small--she didn't seem to notice. We're going to decorate a picture frame with the shells she brought home. It made me think a lot of Granny. She loved to look for shells as much as Caroline. I'm sure Granny was smiling down on us!

This is the first day, and Will is terrified of the sand. Daddy has to haul him around until he convinces Will that the sand is no big deal. He eventually came around.

Burying herself in the sand.

Just hanging out with daddy, watching the waves.