Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guilty Conscience......

Today I picked the kids up from school and loaded them in as always. As we started to drive away, I was asking the kids about how thier day went. Will immediatlely starts hollering at me, "I go at time out today mama." "I sit on the wall. Shamey shamey on Will." So I ask him why he had to go to time out.....Heather (the teacher) did it, he informs me. So then we have the conversation that Heather did not do anything......that Will was the one who got in trouble.

Finally, the truth came out. "I push Kenndy" So we talked about how that wasn't a good idea. The rest of the car ride home went something like this, "Mama, why I push and hit? Mama, why I push and hit? Mama, why I get the picture.

To make a long story short---Will's guilty conscience is EXHAUSTING!