Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Grueling Day of Testing

Today we went to Tulsa to the Developmental Center for Will's testing. Let's just say it was absolutely exhausting. He did really good though. He was pretty patient and compliant for about the first two hours....The third hour he started to get a little cranky. By the fourth hour he was screaming no at the Doctor and pushing her. By the end, I had to pick him up off the floor in an all out fit, due to refusal to cooperate.

The doctor assured me that he did great, and she took no offense to the screaming and pushing. Poor little guy--it was a lot to deal with in one day! It was exhausting for me......can't imagine how my little 2 year old felt. It is fair to say that everyone was frazzled! The testing itself was very interesting. I can't wait for our post testing interview. We go back on July 17th to sit down with the doctor and go over everything.