Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sink bath

I couldn't resist posting these cute bathtub pics....I figure the kids are finally to the age where I'll have to stop taking pictures of them in the tub. So, here's probably our last bathtub pictures. They have recently discovered the fun of taking a "sink bath". We haven't taken sink baths in ages. But, everyone still fits, and they beg to get in it. I can't believe how fast these kiddo's are growing up. It seems like yesterday when the boys were tiny, and I used to lay them in this sink together for a bath.


The Sharum's said...

Too cute!! You know I used to give my boys a bath in the sink all the time..I remember them being so tiny as well and slippery little suckers..haha

plus sink baths aren't as hard on your back ;0) your kids are gorgeous!!

Heather said...

Not only are your kids CUTE . . your sink is clean! (ha)I can't belive even Caroline still fits! Looks like fun.