Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caroline's Graduation

This past week was my girlie's pre-K graduation. I can't believe she'll be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Oh, how fast she is growing up! She and I had so much fun getting her all ready. She just giggled and stared at herself in the mirror as I curled her hair and put lip gloss on her. She was genuinely sweet all evening (which doesn't happen often-ha!), which made for a memorable night.
This was her before we left for the program. She's modeling her new graduation dress. Click here for the whole story behind the dress.

Singing on the stage at the program. She was a very serious and timid little singer, but did chime in on every word of every song. But I could tell it was kinda stressful for her. She had a solo (just a few words), and did AWESOME!!! the fun part. Refreshments were served, and the stress just melted away!
She was so proud of her flowers I surprised her with. It was so cute to see how happy those silly flowers made her! I feel like she looks about 8 in this picture....definitely doesn't look like a fresh five year old.
Caroline and her BFF Sydney. These two are inseparable. I love to watch her chat and interact with her little friends. They all definitely act like they are five going on fifteen! It left a lump in my throat as I watched her playing with all of her little friends tonight. She has been in school with them since she was 18 months they will all be going to different schools for kindergarten. There are a couple of her little friends that we will probably keep in touch with though.

I'm having problems trying to post the video of her singing, but I'll keep trying....she only sings a few words. But, those few words are absolutely adorable!! I was surprised and impressed with Caroline's sweet little voice. She sounded pretty good! Grammi says she thinks that she could be as good as cousin Mary someday if she'd break out of some of that shyness.
Anyway, we had a great time tonite, and we got a lot of mommy daughter bonding time in. Fun stuff!!


Heather said...

Awwwhhh....makes me I remember her delivery like it was yesterday and now this? Crazy! She's such a beauty! Love that girly!