Saturday, May 2, 2009

Silliness with Sissy!

Today was girl's day out for Caroline and I. We went shopping for her a "graduation" dress. She has preschool graduation coming up, and is obsessed about a new dress. Here's how the obsession started........

In December, she had a Christmas program at her school. There was a note that went home informing parents that the boys need to wear slacks and the girls should wear dresses. Well, the note went home on a day that Tim picked up the kids. got thrown in his truck and I never even knew a note about proper attire even existed. Therefore, the day of the program, I sent Caroline in red and white striped leggings and a precious Christmas shirt and a big red bow. She looked absolutely adorable......

But---all of her friends had on "program dresses". She was the only girl there without a dress on. You can imagine the drama! And she has been traumatized ever since. I told her that day that the next program she had a school she could pick out any dress she wanted. Well, today was the day to make good on my word.

I went with the mindset that she could pick out any dress she wanted, no matter how much I hated it or how hideous it was. We tried on A LOT of dresses. And she finally picked the perfect princess dress for graduation (that will have a navy blue graduation gown over it ;) ). It DEFINITELY would not have been my choice.....but it could have gone much worse!!!

Anyway, here's some silly pictures we took before we left today.


Heather said...

Love those pictures! How cute!