Thursday, May 7, 2009


Can you please look at this poor baby? This morning Jack woke up and was complaining about 2 mosquito bites he apparently got last night. He was pretty swollen then, but this is how the bites progressed throughout the day. Oh, and did I mention he is severely allergic to mosquito bites. See for yourself.

This first picture doesn't do justice to the amount of swelling. Do you see how his right ear sticks out, and the left one doesn't. Yep, it's that swollen.
Doesn't that look miserable? He whines about the one on his ear more, but messes with the one on his wrist more. His daycare called about 10 am. and said he had fever, and that they were oozing. Miserable!

Here you see how far underneath his ear he is swollen, and the massive area on his wrist. Tim took him to the pediatrician. I thought we should just start out mosquito season going on they wouldn't think I was just being dramatic in the future when I call and say that we have fever due to mosquito bites.....And it WILL happen in the future. UGH! Anyway, we're on a steroid and an antibiotic. Hopefully he will be feeling a little better soon.


the alder boys said...

Oh poor baby!!! That looks terrible!

Rachel Brown said...

OMG! I heard that if you put pure vanilla extract on kids like dabbing with cotton ball on neck and wrists it will keep mosquitos away. I don't know if its true or not.

nat said...

bless his heart! my cousin's little girl was like that when she was small, but as she has gotten older, it has gotten better-who knows? i hope he feels better soon! brad says the vanilla think works pretty good, and so does rubbing your body w/a bounce dryer sheet

The Sharum's said...

You know I was like that when I was little, well not that bad - but I would have huge red knots..I've never seen anything that bad..Poor guy!! That does look miserable..