Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainy day fun ö

Today was a "yucky blucky" (stole that term from Junie B. Jones--all you moms of young ones are with me aren't ya?!) day outside. It was rainy and wet, so we decided to make our own fun inside. I stretched old wrapping paper across the length of our kitchen wall and we painted a spring mural. They painted for about an hour......which is the equivalent of a full day for a toddler! The experience really captured, and kept, their attention.

Do you see how intent and focused they all are?

Caroline is such a little artist.

Jacker is a very messy painter.....but had a great time nonetheless. He is much like Caroline--very artistically inclined.

.....and then there was Willie. Willie wanted to be the boss of who painted what, and direct the whole operation. But when it came to the actual painting, he did a lot of asking for help and saying that he "couldn't do it bery good." By the end he had gained some confidence and was taking some artistic risks!

I ♥ this picture. It captures just how serious she is about painting.....and I love, love, love the profile. I could just eat her up!!!

TA DA.....The finished product


the alder boys said...

Too cute!!! Love it!!

Heather said...

you've gotta show me how to make those little hearts when your typing!

Sarah and Brad said...

How precious, Jenna! What a great idea!! I think you have a team of budding artists..

nat said...

We have done something like this....the kids love it! Looks good, your kiddo's are so cute