Tuesday, January 20, 2009


For Christmas, the kids got the board game "Don't Wake Daddy". You move your pieces around the board and try not to land on things that will cause you to push daddy's alarm clock. To make a long story short, daddy randomly pops up out of his bed and "wakes up". Then you have to go back to the beginning if you're the one to wake him up. Sounds fun, right?

Tonight we decided to teach the kids how to play. The boys were having a blast. Caroline, not so much! It seemed that every time she spun the spinner, she had to push the alarm clock and daddy always woke up. She was scared to death!!! The first few times he "woke up", she jumped and screamed....as the game progressed, she hysterically cried and would not take her turn. She decided to sit out and watch. Do you see the look of horror on her face as she waits in anticipation while Jack pushes the alarm clock? Every time he popped up she just cried and cried. Something tells me she's gonna have nightmares tonight!!!!


Heather said...

She does look traumatized! I hope she slept ok for you last night!

Us 4 Warren's said...

oh my gosh poor little caroline she looks so upset. who knew a game could be so scary. the kids are getting so big I love all the new pictures.