Saturday, January 31, 2009

Odds and Ends

Warning: This post is kinda all over the place. But hey, I feel like a lot of the time my life is a bit like that!

Tim is out of town for a long weekend getaway. He went with my brothers and all my guy cousins to my uncle's cabin on the river. They go every year, and it is something he really looks forward to. I'm glad he got to escape for a while and have a good time. But.....we terribly miss him--or at least I do! I don't always let him know how much I appreciate him. I just take for granted what a great parent and husband he is. Then I realize just how lucky I am to have to have him around!....especially when I have to do this parenting thing alone!!!

My house has been like a war zone for the past 2 weeks or so. I think maybe the cold cold weather has finally taken a toll on us, because we can't go out and play and burn off energy like we need to. The kids are fighting like cats and dogs! They are griping, yelling, and screaming at each other all the time. Which in turn, makes for a very cranky momma! I know that my kiddos are not at the developmental stage yet where they fully understand sharing and taking turns......but I am running out of patience and energy to model it for them. I just want to scream!!!....and sometimes do!

On a more positive note, Caroline got her report card last week. She is doing great in school, and seems to enjoy it. This is her report card:

Did you know that Caroline and Jack are obsessed with "crafts". They are constantly asking to do a craft. Will does not like crafty things one bit, but doesn't want to be left out when the other two get so excited. Tonight they were begging for a craft project. So, we colored Valentine pictures and then glittered them. I remember glitter projects as a child and I always thought glitter was just magical. Well, so do my kids. They had a big time, and you can tell it by looking at the traces of glitter glistening all over my kitchen!

I'm off to get everyone ready for bedtime routine. Since daddy's out of town, Caroline gets to sleep in the bed with mommy. It's a MAJOR treat for her (and me too), because it doesn't happen very often!