Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Okay, Lesli has a random picture challenge going. You're supposed to pick the fifth picture from your April folder and post it. After I read it I thought, April folder......are people organized enough to save their pictures and label them by the month? No way, not me, that would be too easy. But, low and behold, I found a folder named "April".....which is funny because most of my folders are saved by "subject" or "event". So, here goes.....

This is Caroline helping her daddy mop the floor. Take a good look at the floor with nothing on it......You won't see that around my house very often!!!! This picture is indeed pretty random.


Jen said...

Hi Jenna! So glad you left a comment, so I could "meet" you too!

You actually look familiar...I bet I've seen you at some district function!

Your Caroline is a well as the boys...what a sweet bunch of little blondies!