Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, to be 16 again! This weekend was my niece Mary's 16th birthday. They had a fabulous surprise party for her. Tami went all out. It was a Paris phantom opera theme. Very cute. We had a fun time, but as we watched all of the beautiful teenage girls dance and flirt, we realized that we would have to send Caroline away when she became a teen. Too much to deal with! Tami, I applaud you for being an awesome mom. You have raised a beautiful, articulate, smart young woman with great morals and values. Can you do that with Caroline too? She just might be a harder case than Mary!

I was thinking about all of the technology things that are a way of life for most teens today, that weren't around when I was 16.......which was only 14 years ago!

  • Cell phones ( they were around, but big, bulky, and too expensive for teens!)
  • Text messaging
  • Facebook/Myspace (if it was around, we didn't know about it.)
  • Pay at the pump
  • Digital Cameras
  • iPods
  • High speed internet (remember dial up?)

Just imagine............What will be around when my boys turn 16.........which will be only 14 years from now!!