Monday, September 29, 2008

Hypochondriac who hates buttermilk!

My little Will has become quite the hypochondriac lately. Any time he bumps into anything, or falls down (which is a lot for a child with mild cerebral palsy), he assures us that he is hurt "weally weally" bad--and needs some sort of medical attention. Sometimes he demands medicine, and other times it is just a bandaid. We are trying really hard to toughen him up!

Funny thing........If he gets in trouble, or is uncomfortable in a situation, Will has 1 of 2 reactions:
#1: "My bug bite hurts, I need medicine!"
#2: "I can't like buttermilk!" -- He's never had it, but he assures me quite often he doesn't like it...........but he only talks about it when he's in trouble or in distress. Wierd, huh?