Monday, September 1, 2008


Here are just some random pictures from this weekend. We didn't do much of anything. We hung out in our pajamas a lot. Saturday Tim worked all day and night at the airport due to the evacuation, and all the extra activity out there. So Sunday, he tried to catch up on a night of missed sleep, while I tried my best to keep the kids quiet. Caroline went to Pooties all day Sunday. She got it in her head she was going over there, and wasn't taking no for an answer! She had a great time. Today we're just hanging out, getting ready for the week ahead. Ya know, laundry, ironing, grocery store, etc. William working hard on a block tower.
Hollering at the dogs--They don't get it when I tell them Abby and Cutter can't hear them!
Naked firefighter
Mr. Potato head, anyone?
Will watching sissy play dora on the computer in her room. They get very serious about working on the computer. Will gets very interactive and lets her know just what to click.
Jack has taken a special interest in "You Tube" videos on daddy's computer. Tim plays airplane videos for him and he loves it!!


the alder boys said...

Ok I guess I am just going to comment on all your posts today but this it too weird! Ashton very favorite thing in the whole wide world is watching you tube videos of airplanes with Russ! I can't even believe that! We HAVE to get these boys together!!!