Monday, July 6, 2009

What we've been up to lately....(a long, long post!)

Wow, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind at the Thomas house. We have been super busy just playing and enjoying our summer. It has been so much fun to stay home and hang with the kiddos over the past month. School is quickly approaching though, and I can't believe my baby girl is starting Kindergarten. How is that possible?!? Anyway, here's a look at some things we've been up to around here...(brace yourself, this is a long post!)

Bunk Beds!!! The boys got bunk beds. Jack is still not quite so sure about sleeping in them, but he has a grand time playing on them. They double as a pirate ship during non sleeping hours. Too fun. They take turns sleeping on the top (even Caroline), which is apparently a big deal!

Here is Miss Thang modeling her new dress I made her for the 4th of July. I have taken a more active interest in sewing, although I still need lots of practice....and a new sewing machine (hint hint honey!). It's great fun though, and I'm having a blast experimenting with my new seamstress skills. Hopefully I'll learn to sew a stitch STRAIGHT soon....I guess crooked seams give my pieces character, right?

The kiddos have swam like little fishies this summer. These pictures are at Kakie's house. She is gracious enough to let us swim at our convenience. Willie thinks this is "one" of his pools. Too cute. Caroline is super close to being able to swim alone. Just a little more practice, and she'll be on her own in no time! This is such an easy activity for me do do with the kids alone. I just hang out on a raft, or in a ring while they wear themselves out. It makes for a nice long afternoon of napping!

Several nights a week, William wakes up having nightmares. He swears that monsters are in his room trying to get him. Poor little guy gets distraught over these said monsters. This picture was the other morning. He woke up in his monster tizzy early in the morning before Tim went to work, and he let him crawl in bed with mommy. Daddy happened to snap a picture us two sleeping beauties!

Having popsicles in the pool at our house is one of our favorite activities. On this day, Katie Mae came over to swim with us. Pettigrew usually brings her kids for a play date at least a couple times a week. It's been good for both the kids and the mommies!

We do a lot of outdoor activities when it's not too hot! Here they were painting murals on the back deck. Quite the little Picasso's don't ya think? We usually spend mornings outside playing and jumping on the trampoline before I can't take the heat anymore. They do pretty good playing out back and entertaining themselves on their own....Thank goodness!

Just hanging out and being silly....what Jacker is best at! At least he has on a helmet instead of pink dress up clothes (which is often for all of them around here). He is probably watching Transformers on the TV, which has become an obsession for ALL of them. They love anything that has to do with Transformers, and we have begun quite the collection--which is way expensive for silly plastic figurines!! Caroline and Jack have taken an active interest in watching Hannah Montana too. Caroline is just into it, and Jack loves the pretty girls! Will could care less.

This little brood of ducks, or geese (whatever they are!) visit our house daily. Yep, that is our front yard. Crazy, I know. They come every morning, and then usually in the evening too. The kids were obsessed at first, but now just say in passing, "look the ducks are in the yard".
Ok, I feel like I can begin blogging regularly now that I am "caught up". I was feeling overwhelmed because I haven't posted in so long, and had too many pictures. But I did want to post, because I wanted to be able to look back and see how I spent my summer days....because I WILL forget when life happens.

Speaking of which, we went to the dentist last week and got a good report on all three kiddos. Yay for healthy teeth!!! Okay, I'm done.


Sarah said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun and busy summer!!!