Thursday, July 9, 2009

Much needed time with my girlie!

Caroline and I headed out on the town for a much needed girls night out. She and I very rarely get alone time, and we decided we were overdue for some fun time together. I adore this little girlie!!Here we are ready to head out to go see Hannah Montana at the movies. I giggle when I look at this picture because I think we do NOT look like mother/daughter. Lately more and more people have told me that she looks just like me, but I just don't see it. I guess I need to pull out pictures from when I was her age to compare!
Absolutely mesmerized by the HM movie! She didn't eat any of her popcorn because she was too busy watching!
Next stop: to paint some pottery, of course! This was right up her alley. She is so artsy, and we painted forever! That silly purse she is painting in this picture got painted over SEVERAL times. It ended up being blue with polka dots and fireworks.

Then we topped off our evening with a little ice cream. The perfect ending to a perfect night with my little sis. We're definitely gonna need to do this more often!


Sarah and Brad said...

Before I read the post, I looked at the pictures and thought, "Wow, that's Jenna with blonde hair!!". You're a couple of pretty gals!

I love the post below too. Way to go on your sewing...the dress is adorable! I am tackling some curtains tonight...we shall see.

Glad I get to keep up with you on your, fun!