Saturday, April 18, 2009


Jacker was NOT smiling about this when it happened!!! That is a bite mark--that broke the skin and was bleeding profusely and is now swollen, though on the mend. This happened on Thursday at school. I am not one of those parents who gets all in a tizzy about happens, I get that. I just wish it didn't happen to my kid!!! None of my kids have ever been biters, (thank goodness) because I'm sure that would be just as hard as your child getting bit.

BUT...don't you think 3 and a half is a little old to still be biting?


Heather said...

I am not one of those mom's that gets in a tizzy....but I AM one of those aunts that gets in a tizzy. You find out who did this so I can go spank them!!!! Ridiculous....that looks like a vicious dog attack....someone needs a good wippin'.

the alder boys said...

I think I have to agree with Heather on this. That looks aweful!! If I were you I think I would have to hunt that kid down and bite him! I bet he would never do that again!

Rachel Brown said...

Coming from a mother whos child "Maggie Rae" was a bitter and bit little girl in the face when she was 2. I came down to school and beat her ass, but she kept it up till another little girl started biting her. Its hard. When your child is so aggressive they bite it sucks!!
PS I was a biter too when I was litte and still am (go figure)

nat said...

Ouch is right! Poor baby. That looks like it really hurts....give that little kid a bite!

Sarah and Brad said...

good gosh...bless his heart!

and, YES, i do think 3 1/2 is a too old for biting. sounds like a mean little kid (who needs a good bite himself) did that.

hope you guys are doing well. btw..the dress up pics are adorable!