Wednesday, April 1, 2009


...Yep, that's me. I'm sporting this uber cool big, bulky, itchy, scratchy, wrist splint these days.
What happened, you might ask?..... Well, this happened....

No, it wasn't any one's birthday, but Caroline found this banner and desperately wanted to have a pretend birthday party. So, being the cool mom that I am, said sure honey I'll hang birthday decorations for nobody's birthday party. Anything to keep the peace, right?
Well, as I was hanging these lovely decorations (Sat. evening), I stepped down off the stepstoool -backwards, of course- and on to a toy fire truck. That truck rolled right away, with me on it! Are you getting a visual? Yep, I fell.....HARD.
So, when it was still throbbing Sunday afternoon I headed to ProMed. I had xrays and it is not broken....but he said that where the bones connect on the right side of my wrist, there is a big gap between the bones and that I have more than likely torn ligaments. So I'm sporting this nifty wrist brace for almost 2 weeks. And let me tell ya--it hurts!
If it's not better in two weeks I will need to get an MRI to see what's going on in there. But--surely I'll be healed up way before that. Until then, I'm taking anti-inflamitory meds to help the healing process. I guess it's always something around here!!!


the alder boys said...

Oh gosh! The "Grace" must run in the family! Just ask Rachel Rains. Any time I said, "Hey Rach, watch this!" She knew something bad was going to happen! I don't think the amount of wine that Rachel and I drank together helped either!