Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's MY, it's MINE!!!

This seems to be the conversation happening at our house. This is the first year that the boys are starting to figure out that they have the same birthday. It's funny to me that they really don't make the connection that they are twins, and have to share everything......even a birthday!

I can't believe that my BABIES are turning 3. Where has the time gone? It makes me so teary eyed to think that they are getting so big. I am looking forward to the time ahead of us, but I just can't figure out how they got so big so fast!!!!

We had a small party for the boys today. They had a great time. Jack just ran around the house screaming, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! So cute. Here's some pictures of birthdays past and present!

They blew the candles out together in perfect unison!
Do you see how thrilled Ella and Caroline look? Good thing their birthdays are coming soon!

This was a hit. Thanks Grammie and Pa. It's still running.......4 hours later!

Will loves this cool transformer mask!

This was their 2nd birthday. Look at those baby faces.

This was their first birthday. The curls and chubby cheeks absolutely melt me!

The day they were born. This is Will. It's hard to believe they were so tiny.

Here's Jack. This is/was hopefully the only birthday they will ever spend without each other!


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Will & Jack!!

Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Louise said...

Happy Birthday!! Jack looks just like Lesli's Harper. That is just crazy how much your kids look alike.