Monday, December 29, 2008

Advice, anyone???

So.....Here's the deal. Jack is three years old now and still not potty trained! I have successfully potty trained two other children, but Jack is just having no part in this peeing on the potty thing! I know, I know.......he's not going to go to Kindergarten in pull-ups (I hope). But really, he's three.

He is more than ready, he's just plain lazy. He tells me he needs to go on his when he's not in the middle of playing. Most of the time he could care less if he is wet. This past week I have kept him in underwear for the most part.......and mopped up pee and changed underwear SEVERAL(ok--MANY) times a day. Every time he pees in his pants he just tells me that he needs new it's no big deal! I thought, surely when he feels himself peeing down his leg he will want to stay dry--WRONG! Can you sense my frustration?

Here are some things I have tried:
* Setting a timer and taking him on a schedule--(I know, that's training me, not him...don't judge)
* Rewards for going potty (stickers and/or candy)
* I let him pick out his new underwear and made a big deal of it.
* Just waiting for him to tell me when he needs to go.
* Lots of praise....calling everyone we know to tell them he has peed on the potty.

Here are the things that have failed for us:
* See above list of ALL the things I have tried!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!! Any suggestions?


the alder boys said...

Oh gosh I feel ur pain! Ash is a little younger but totally not interested. His diaper could fall apart because it is so full & he still doesn't care. I can't wait to hear what works for y'all. I keep saying ash & jack have so much in common! Haha

Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Louise said...

I am sure every other person will disagree with me, but Maggie is the same way Jack is. I don't think he is ready. I would give up and not pressure him for a couple weeks and praise Will and Caroline and see what happens. He might surprise you. I think the more you will push the more control he will think he has over the situation. And remember hes not going to go to college peeing his pants:)

Julie Lewis said...

I have never potty trained a child, but a couple of ideas that came to mind:
1. Movies and books about potty training

2. Having him pay you somehow with toys or something when he wets and you have to change his clothes.

I have no idea though! Good luck!