Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A True Picture Of How I Feel Today

This is how a Kindergarten Teacher feels after the 2nd day of Kindergarten! No, really, today was much better. Yesterday we had SEVERAL criers and a couple of "runners"......ya know, the ones who just bolt on ya. Yeah, fun! I think I'm gonna have a great class once we get into the swing of things. It just takes a lot of time and effort to make these little babies into readers and writers!

My own children are adjusting well to their new teachers and classrooms. They all seem happy and well cared for. I see potty training on the horizon for us. Their teacher takes them every hour. Surely they will start getting the hang of it soon. Say what you want about me, but.......I'll wait a few weeks before I start at home--just so they will "get it" more. I can't even think about it until I know they are truly ready. I don't wanna just spin my wheels. They don't talk about the potty much, or seem too interested. Hopefully school will be the push they need. Caroline LOVES her new teacher. She has been very excited to come home and tell me all she's done at school!

Oh, this picture of the boys was on the last day of summer school. They had a party with lots of candy. After they had shoved their mouths so full of candy that I thought they were gonna be sick, I took the rest away. This was the reaction. Go figure!!