Saturday, August 23, 2008

I took the kids this weekend to the sesame street live show. They loved it. It was great fun for everyone. The kiddos sat absolutely still for 2 hours.......mesmerized by the live performance. Will did get a little uptight when the curtains would close, or the characters would leave the stage. He would holler, Where my friends go? I need my friends. This was after I convinced him that he was not allowed to go up on the stage to sing and dance with Elmo. It was precious!

Here is a picture of the kids waiting for the show to begin. Caroline just giggled about her folding chair. Will was very independent and didn't want any help as his chair engulfed him. Jack, on the other hand, was petrified of the seats.......and snuggled on my lap with his silkie and thumb the entire time.
Elmo was the star, and definitely all the little people's favorite!
However, I was quite partial to Big Bird!