Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Things I ♥ About Summer...

10. Sleeping late. Even when my the troops don't...they're usually good to turn the T.V. on and let me snooze on the couch for at least 30 more minutes.

9. Not wearing makeup. My kids could care less if I am sporting mascara or lip gloss!

8. Mondays. Tim is off work on Monday's, and we get to spend the day together. Just us. We drop the munchkins off at summer care, and can do absolutely whatever we want. Nice.

7. No need for laying clothes out for the next day. I mean really, who cares if we get dressed or not?!

6. Swimming like fish. The kids love to swim, and it is an easy fun activity for all!! They would spend their entire summer in the water if I'd let them.

5. Embracing my insomniac ways..who cares what time i go to bed--see # 10.

4. Fresh tomatoes and sno cones. Well, not necessarily together. But those are my two most favorite summer treats. :)

3. Saturday yard sales. We load up the little monkeys, get doughnuts, and play movies in the van while we scout out the "perfect sale"!

2. Never knowing what day it is..every day is a Saturday!!!...well, except for Thursday afternoons when we miss Will's occupational therapy because I've completely lost track of the days.

1. Being a stay at home mom...well, when it's not driving me crazy of course! No really, I love getting to stay home and just be a mom. Right when we get in a groove, it's time to go back to work and school...I better go enjoy these last couple of weeks home!