Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are you kidding me?

This is how daddy dresses us when mommy's not home to pick out our clothes!!!
When I got home this afternoon, this is what my children looked like. Their daddy is responsible for this creative little ensemble. The looks on their dirty faces with unkept hair says it all! I thought it was actually kinda funny when I thought that they had only been to grammie and pa's house for a visit. Then he tells me that they went to Sam's to pick up a few things....he assured me that they looked much better and more "put together" sitting in a shopping cart. Are you serious? I asked him if he would EVER wear one of those outfits himself. He only giggled and said that after he got them dressed, he knew it was wrong, but didn't have any better ideas!

I'll be sure to leave clothes out next time I'm gonna be gone for a while!!!!!


Lisa said...

That is hilarious!! My DH isn't that great with matching clothes either. Must be a man thing (lol).
Love their expressions on their faces!

the alder boys said...

That is so funny!!! Russ is the exact same way! Just like when I asked him to put Ash's pjs on and he put him in the twins. THEY WERE TINY and he looked miserable but somehow Russ didn't even notice. Men!

Sarah and Brad said...

hahaha!! that is too funny, jenna!! i think they look adorable..matching or not!!

good luck with your classroom..i saw the pic of the boxes on fb...yikes! i hope you post pics of the after!! i love a fresh classroom!!

Amber said...

Actually, Mike and I thought it was the new fashion. Mike happened to be wearing plaid shorts also and mentioned that he needed a stripe shirt to go with his shorts. They may have just started a new trend!

Heather said...

ha! Too funny. I always get a good laugh when my DH dresses the girls too.

A said...

My boys have so many pairs of the plaid shorts, too - and each pair had one or two matching shirts. DH gets VERY frustrated when he has to dress them, he can't decide what matches! I've heard on many occassions "WHY CANT YOU JUST BUY THEM JEAN SHORTS?" lol
I feel your pain!