Friday, June 5, 2009

10 years

When Tim and I began dating I was 19 yrs. old and still living at home. One day my dad walked in the room to see me trying to program a phone number in the cordless phone. We had just started dating, and my dad made an ugly comment something to the effect of he didn't understand why I was programming his number in the phone, he's only temporary. This infuriated me, and to just irritate me more, my dad and brothers began to call him "temporary Tim".....

.....Well Dad, if you're reading this, we've made it 10 years (12 yrs. since that incident)--so, I'm thinking you were wrong with the whole temporary thing! Ten years! I can't believe it.

When I was a little girl, I used to dream about getting married and having a family of my own. I'm living that dream (only sometimes it's a little LESS dream like than I had envisioned :)...and I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else!!! I feel like we have kinda "grown up" together. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. You are the most patient, loving, and kind husband and father a girl could ask for. Thank you. I'm looking forward to spending the next 10 50 years together. Now we're off on a little getaway to take a break from the kiddos and enjoy some alone time together. Thanks mom and grammie for watching the kids!!!!!!

Oh, and mom, I'm expecting a picture of Tim and I in the Sunday paper. ha ha! (I always said that I was gonna put our picture in the paper if we made it 10 years)


proteusguy said...

Temporary Tim - that's classic!

I remember when I was first introduced to Jenna. I think it was at pre-wedding dinner for my sister Mary Ruth or Serena so I was living out of town and hadn't seen Tim for some time. Tim had a reputation for dating the younger gals so here's a replay of our conversation:

Tim: "Hey Ben, this is my fiancé Jenna."

Ben: "Fiancé?!?! Oh wow - congrats. So, can I ask you a personal question? How old are you?"

Kevin: "hahaha"

Jenna: "Oh I'm 20 [or 21 I forget]."

Ben: "haha sorry to tease - just Tim has this reputation for dating teenagers..."

Jenna: "Oh I was 19 when we started dating!"

Ben & Kevin: HAHHAHAHAHA!!! :-)

So glad that you two proved everyone else wrong (sorta) and got some cute kids to show for it. Congrats!

Sarah and Brad said...

Awww..Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful getaway...I'm sure you will!!

Rachel Brown said...

Congrats!!! You made it.......Andy and I will celebrate 9 in October and that seems impossible! LOL. You kids are beautiful and you guys make the best couple ever!

Heather said...

Hope you had a great day!