Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A much needed day with the kiddos

I'm off work today and I have spent the day playing with my kids. I have been so busy lately that we have been just going through the motions of family life. Today has been different. We took the day to enjoy each other and have fun.

We did some fun crafts this morning, and then headed outside to play some games. They are getting old enough to enjoy games like duck duck goose, simon says, red light green light, etc. We had a great time together, and now everyone has settled down for a nap. Speaking of nap, I'm not far behind them!

Making macaroni necklaces
Caroline had so much fun, and was giddy when she saw her finished product.
Jack preferred mostly yellow macaroni.
This activity was hard work for Willie. But Mr. independent finished without help. Yay!
So proud!
The look of accomplishment!
Miss priss!
This was a turkey craft everyone enjoyed. Especially Caroline!!